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Swimming Pool Ozonation


Swimming pool disinfection is necessary to create a healthy and safe environment for pool. When most chlorine treatments are first added to pool water, they produce free chlorine as hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion residuals. These chemicals react very quickly to both oxidize and disinfect the contaminants introduced by both swimmers and the environment. This residual mechanism is advantageous due to the continuous addition of debris and germs by patrons requiring immediate treatment. Due to its relative low cost and high effectiveness in this role, chlorine continues to be used prominently around the world.

When chlorine reacts with organic compounds, it may only partially oxidize the compounds resulting in intermediate products known as disinfection by-products (DBPs). A very strong “chlorine” smell is caused by DBPs and may be indicative of poor pool water chemistry. Chloramines, the most common DBPs, are directly attributable to swimmers complaints of skin irritation and eye burn. The long term effect of chloramines can also have devastating effects to dehumidifying equipment and metallic supports as.

By incorporating ozone based technology, one ensures harmless disinfectant byproducts (DBPs).  The method of disinfection treatment will successfully reduce harmful chemicals like chlorine to the lowest recommended permitted standards and after water treatment residual ozone quickly reverts back to harmless oxygen making it eco-friendly for use and disposal.
Swimming pool water Ozonation is time tested proven technology. Worldwide swimming pool water is disinfected using Ozone. Ozone is generated on site, using corona discharge technique. In this technique oxygen from air is concentrated & supplied to ozone generator. Ozone generator is IGBT based, high efficiency, high frequency electronic unit which converts oxygen to ozone. This ozone is mixed in to the swimming pool water using ventury.

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