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Filtration System for Swimming Pool

Enjoy crystal clear water with Chemtronics’ Commercial Top/Side mount Filtration System

The basic purpose of a swimming pool filter is to remove dirt, debris & fine particles from the pool water, so that it remains clean & clear during the swim season.
Swimming pool filters are a major part of a pool circulation system and need to be sized and selected for the application they will be used for to ensure the water quality is always crystal clear. Filters also need to be sized and selected to allow for the filter pumps to circulate the pool water to take account of the bathing load, velocity of water passing through the pipe work and whether it’s used on an indoor or outdoor pool.

Normally for private swimming pools, the re-circulation water filtration velocity is around 35-40 m/hr. For all other swimming pool, especially public swimming pool filtration velocity is 30 – 35 m/hr. Advantage of this type of filter is, they can be repeatedly used after backwash. When pressure difference increases by 7 psi (0.5 Kg./cm²) than initial service filter pressure, sand filter is back washed. Sand Filters are available in different material of construction as per need. With automatic /semi-automatic & PLC based fully automatic operations like service, back-wash, rinse etc.

We offer a pool water filtration plant for residential/Private, Public pool, club pool, compition pool etc. Our pool water filtration system include, Top mounts sand filters/ side mount filters, Multiport Valves , multigrade sand media, Recirculation pump with inbuilt basket strainer system and pipe fittings accessories.
We provide a Residential Round Filtration Systems which are durable & efficient to treat pool water according to the design & client’s requirements. Especially for higher dirt and turbidity load and environmental conditions we offer a Residential Pool Depth Filtration Systems.

System Features
• Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation
• To diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the sand bed
• Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
• Materials are used are dependable and or suitable for all weather performance
• UV Resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight
• Filter max. working pressure 2.5 Kg/cm2
• Filter max. testing pressure 4.0 Kg/cm2
• Filter max. Temperature 430C
• Easy to Install
• Give proper water recirculation to pool.
• Less Space Requirement

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