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Design Consultation for Swimming Pool

Structural & Civil Conceptual Design:
When it comes to pool civil designs, nowadays anything is possible. Construction technology is constantly evolving, enabling pool builders to create masterpieces that were once considered impossible. Today, builders are not only skilled in the art of creating vanishing edges, beach entries & perimeter overflow, but they are also, developing new techniques that will become tomorrow’s norm.

Hydraulic Design:
Hydraulic design plays a very important note in pool or water body aesthetic and hygiene level. The distribution network of any aquatic elements are considered from the earliest stage of design and carefully integrated into architecture of the pool layout.

Water Treatment Design:
Water treatment equipment location, sizing, selection is a key to safe & hygiene level of the user. Pool water chemistry in terms of pH, alkalinity, and residual disinfectant are the deciding factors of pool water quality. Skin rashes & itchy skin, eye reddening, hair fall can be avoided using scientifically designed selected pool equipments & water balance.

Our Objective
• To give overall performance assurance.
• To give complete pool design assistance to Architects, Pool builders, Property developer, MEP Consultants,
  EPC Contractors, End Users for every stage of swimming pool project.
• Estimating and budgeting for the swimming pool project.
• Design a water treatment system will be confirm to the appropriate standards or guidelines for maintaining safety, hygiene
  and chemical water balance of the pool.

Our Scope of Swimming Pool Design Consultancy Services:
• Pool Design, Volume, Sizing.
• Pool Overflow System Design
• Pump Sump/Balancing Tank
• Skimmer/Overflow gutter etc.
• Pool Drainage Design
• Pool Water Distribution Pipe Network Design
• Filtration Plant Design.
• Water Disinfection Plant Design.
• Underwater Lamp Details.
• Electrical Details.
• Pool Water Chemistry.
• Plant room Design
• All detailed hydraulic drawings
• Documents Operation, Maintenance, Technical Specifications.

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