Pressure Sand Water Filter FR Series

Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FGRP) composite vessels are 1/3 the weight of carbon steel, strengths are directly comparable to steel, no maintenance & high aesthetic appearance.

Salient Features:-
• The non corrosive, cost effective solution for commercial /industrial water treatment and storage
• FRP vessels are used for residential, large commercial and Industrial applications.
• Vessel is made up of Natural fiberglass shell never fades or changes color, colored shells recommended for UV protection.
• 100% Corrosion - resistant both inside and out.
• Physical Properties: Operating Pressure - Min 0 bar and Max. 10 bar.
:  Factory Test Pressure - 11 bar. 
: Operating Temp - Min. 1°C and Max. 50 °C
• The light weight of composites can lead to cost saving like lower installation costs easier handling.
• Top & Bottom Opening Vessel.
• Low Pressure drop across the vessel.
• Multiport valve MOC is ABS.
• Manual, Semi automatic and automatic features are provided.
• High Filtration efficiencies Standard and effective multigrade sand media.
• Efficient Turbidity and TSS Removal.