Water Softener Systems

The process of removing divalent cat ions, usually calcium or magnesium, from water. When a sample of water contains more than 120 mg of these ions per liter, expressed in terms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), it is generally classified as a hard water. Hard waters are frequently unsuitable for many industrial and domestic purposes because of their soap-destroying power and tendency to form scale in equipment such as boilers, pipelines, and engine jackets. Therefore it is necessary to treat the water either to remove or to alter the constituents for it to be fit for the proposed use.

Water Softener FR Series

Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FGRP) composite vessels are 1/3 the weight of carbon steel, strengths are directly comparable to steel, no maintenance & high aesthetic appearance.

• High performance Composite material
• 100 % corrosion resistant
• Excellent bonding between inlet & PE liner
• 200 mm to 1,000 mm diameter
• Better curing at high temperature
• Thermoplastic liner of polyester - wall thickness 3.8 mm to 7.6 mm as per vessel diameter
• All are top opening & dia 450 mm onwards top & bottom opening
• 450 mm onward flange fitting
• Operating Pressure - 10.5 kgf/cm2
• Operating temperature - 490 C
• 250,000 times cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi
• Vessels are NSF & PED certified